Stump Fiddle

Stump Fiddle
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Stump Fiddle


The "fiddle" is approximately 28 inches.
The "bow" is approximately 20 inches.

For great resonance our Stump Fiddles are made with a large diameter poplar dowel. Poplar is often used as a musical tone wood.

The Stump Fiddle sports 120 hand-drilled bottle caps and has a rubber pad on the bottom end to protect your floor.

Also included is a stick for drumming on the Stump Fiddle.

Traditionally, stump fiddles were made from a gnarly branch chosen from the local trees and had the caps from whatever favorite beverage nailed on.

The "fiddle" is held vertically in one hand with the caps toward the ground so the rubber pad can be tapped or bounced on the floor. The "bow" is held in the other hand and used to whack and tap on the "fiddle" just below where you are holding.

A basic boom-chuck rhythm can be made by bouncing the instrument on the floor then hitting it while it is in the air.

As an old time rhythm instrument, the rhythms played on the stump fiddle were many and varied from the basic boom-chuck to any combination of hits, beats, shakes and scrapes.

See how many unique rhythms you can come up with.