Handbell Gifts

Backpack with G-Clef Design
Backpack (G-Clef)
8th Note Magnet
Magnet 3d (8th Note)

G-Clef Ball Cap
Ball Cap (G-Clef)
G-Clef Magnet
Magnet 3d (G-Clef)

Leather Belt with G-Clef Design
Belt Black Leather (Silver G-Clef Medallions)
Handbell Mouse Pad
Mouse Pad (Handbell)

Leather Book Mark G-Clef Design
Book Mark (G-Clef)
Handbell Coffee Mug
Mug (Handbell)

Leather Briefcase with G-Clef Design
Brief Case Leather (G-Clef)
G-Clef Mug
Mug (G-Clef)

Musician's Business Card Holder
Business Card Holder
Music Staff Mug
Mug (Music Staff)

Got Music? Candle
Candle (Got Music?)
Music Stand
Music Stands

Musician's Charm Bracelet
Charm Bracelet (Sterling Silver)
Handbell Silver Necklace
Necklace (Sterling Silver) (Handbell)

Handbell Sterling Silver Charm
Charm (Sterling Silver) (Handbell)
16th Note Silver Necklace
Necklace (Sterling Silver) (16th Note)

16th Note Charm
Charm (Sterling Silver) (16th Note)
G-Clef Sterling Silver Necklace
Necklace (Sterling Silver) (G-Clef)

G-Clef Sterling Silver Charm
Charm (Sterling Silver) (G-Clef)
Handbell Note Cards
Note Cards (Handbell)

G-Clef Ornament
Christmas Ornament (G-Clef)
 Musician's Rosewood Pen
Pen Rosewood (G-Clef)

Clip on Light with G-Clef Design
Clip-on Music Stand Light (G-Clef)
Handbell Pendant & Chain
Pendant (Sterling Silver) (Handbell)

Musician's Rosewood Desk Organizer
Desktop Accessories Rosewood (Music Motif)
G-Clef Pen Holder
Pen Stand (G-Clef)

Handbell Sterling Silver Earrings
Earrings (Sterling Silver) (Handbell)
Pencil Cup with Music Staff Design
Pencil Cup (Music Motif)

16th Note Silver Earrings
Earrings (Sterling Silver) (16th Note)
G-Clef Shaped Pencils
Pencil (G-Clef Shape)

8th Note Earrings
Earrings (8th Note)
Musician's Pewter Picture Frame
Picture Frames (Pewter)

G-Clef Earrings
Earrings (G-Clef)
Socks with Music Notes
Socks with Notes

Handbell Earrings
Earrings (Handbell)
Musician's Stress Ball
Stress Balls (G-Clef)

G-Clef Sterling Silver Earrings
Earrings (Sterling Silver) (G-Clef)
Suspenders with Music Staff Design
Suspenders (Music Staff)

Musician's Hair Clip
Hair Clip (Musical Symbols)
Handbell Sweatshirts
Sweatshirts (Handbell)

Leather Handbag with G-Clef Design
Handbag/Portfolio Leather (G-Clef)
Handbell Tie Tack
Tie Tack (Handbell)

Handbell Lapel Pin
Jewelry Pin (Handbell)
Treble Clef Tie Tack
Tie Tack & Tie Bar (G-Clef)

G-Clef Pin
Jewelry Pin (G-Clef)
Handbell Tote Bag
Tote Bag (Handbell)

8th Note Pin
Jewelry Pin (8th Note)
Handbells T-Shirts
T-Shirts (Handbell)

Crystal G-Clef Letter Opener
Letter Opener Crystal & Chrome
Musician's Umbrella
Umbrella (Sheet Music Design)

G-Clef Latte Mug
Latte Mug (G-Clef)
G-Clef Watch
Watch (G-Clef)

 Winter Cap with G-Clef Design
Winter Hats (Music Motif)